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Agricultural Engineering Cloud Repository is a platform for sharing field experiences and technical expertise to bridge the knowledge gap in African Farming. By sharing field notes in the form of blogposts, free online courses and procurable resources .pdf, agricultural engineering will finally contribute to transforming African agricultural into a climate resilient and profitable enterprise. In the process, the profession will grow into a central pillar in African Agriculture as is supposed to be for this much needed transformation. The Agriceng Team also takes up special assignments including developing Agricultural Apps, Manuals, Developing content and social media marketing for cottage websites and engineering assignments like design, construction and supervision of boreholes and earth dams.

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EBAFOSA  Ecosystem Based Adaptation For Food Security Assembly 

How does EBAFOSA work? The EBAFOSA approach is based on section 5 of the Paris Agreement and goal 17 of the Sustainable development Goals which calls for bringing multiple stakeholders…