GOK Projects Part 3- Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCEP)
A review of GOK sponsored Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCEP)


Funded by the GOK and the world bank, this five-year project that ends in 2022 is implemented under the framework of Agriculture Sector Development Strategy and the National Climate Change Response Strategy of 2010.


The objective of the project is to increase agricultural productivity and enhance resilience to climate change risks in targeted smallholder farming and pastoral communities. The project aims at offering emergency relief in the event of an eligible crises.


The project is expected to benefit 522,000 households from small holder, agro-pastoralists and pastoralists directly.  An additional 340,000 are expected to benefit from county led public private partnerships. The project also hopes to incubate 600 micro-small and medium enterprises.


The project has five components namely upscaling climate smart agricultural practices, strengthening of climate smart agricultural research and seed systems, supporting agro-weather and market advisory services, project coordination and management. The first component supports interventions aimed at promoting improved Agricultural Technologies, Innovations, and Management Practices (TIMPS) for increased productivity and resilience to climate change risks. The component has four subcomponents namely Building Institutional Capacity and Strengthening Service Delivery, Supporting Investments in Smallholder Agro-pastoral Production systems, and Supporting Investments in Pastoral Production Systems. The second component aims at strengthening climate smart agricultural research and seed systems through the following subcomponents: Supporting Climate Smart Agricultural Research and Innovations, Building Competitive and Sustainable Seed Systems, and Strengthening Technical and institutional Capacity. The third component seeks to support agro-weather markets and advisory services through the following subcomponents Improving Agro-meteorological Forecasting and Monitoring, Developing Integrated Weather and Market Information System and Building Technical and Institutional Capacity. The fourth component is in charge of project coordination while the last one focuses on emergency relief.


The project is funded by the Government of Kenya (GOK) and the World Bank.

E-mail: infor@kcsap.go.ke



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