Part 5-Good Practices in Virgin Coconut oil Extraction

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In this presentation, we will look at Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in VCO extraction. Particular focus will be given to:
Definition of GMP
GMP of sanitation of processing area sanitation
GMP of sanitation of equipment
GMP of personal hygiene
GMP of record keeping
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1. Which of the following is NOT a good argument for why Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) should be implemented in small scale VCO extraction, despite it being a non-manufacturing enterprise?
2. Good Manufacturing practices in VCO extraction will focus on the following areas of production except one. Which one?
3. As part of GMP, the processing area should be cleaned regularly with soap, water and an appropriate disinfectant
4. As part of GMP, processing equipment should be free from grease, detergent residue, coconut flesh and other particles