Deploying Agricultural Engineering & Digital Technologies to combat climate change

Supporting SMEs fighting climate change by providing access to agricultural engineering start-up information, developing customized apps for solving climate change problems, and offering copywriting services for internet visibility .

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Information Access  

We provide free online courses, blog posts and other digital content needed by SMEs to set up operations


We help SMEs market their business online by developing websites, blog posts, and social media handles.

Jan 2021
A group of youth volunteers came together to grow themselves and the agricultural engineering profession by sharing field notes, and other digital resources online. Between Jan and Sept, we shared 9 Free online courses, 25 blogposts and 17 sets of technical resources. All this information is still available under the relevant tabs on this website. 
September 2021

Through social media, we expanded our reach to over 25 people in our weekly mailing and WhatsApp message lists; 800 social media followers across all platforms; and 3 reputable organizations dealing with climate change. We also took part in the 2021 Qing Innovation Climate Change competition, where we developed a solar Drying App that was among the last five finalists of 200 competitors for innovative ideas to combat climate change in food systems. This was the turning point of our journey. 

The 2021 Qing innovation climate change competition by  wageningen University and partner  opened our eyes to the reality of climate change. We decided that going forward, we will join other youths from all over the world in solving this problem. We then looked at what we could offer and who needs it the most. After careful reflection, we decided to use our skills, experiences and resources to empower SMEs dealing with climate change issues. As an SME ourselves, we know the challenges that come from climate change and are willing to help others on their journeys to a sustainable future. While this was definitely a turning point, we take solace in the fact that our broad objective when starting is still met, only this time more focuses. In the beginning we wanted to grow ourselves and the agricultural engineering profession by sharing information through our website. What better way to do so than deploying agricultural engineering and digital technologies to empower SMEs combating climate change?

October 2021

Changed our strategic focus to not just sharing agricultural engineering information, but also developing climate change Apps for SMEs, helping SMEs to set up an internet presence, and developing climate change and related content needed by SMEs for their blogs and websites. 

Samson L. Opanda, Team Leader

Samson L. Opanda is an Agricultural Engineer working as the Manager for an Agricultural Technology Development Center in Kenya. Beyond station duties, he is actively involved in climate change projects including the design of agricultural engineering infrastructures such as water pans, dams and boreholes, to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change in Agriculture. He led the team that developed the Solar Drying App that was the top five of two hundred participants in the Qing Climate Innovation Challenge. He brings on board the agricultural engineering experience needed to incubate technology-based SMEs.

Anthony Okong'o, Developer 

Anthony Odhiambo Okong’o is a trained electrical engineer, software developer and networks engineer. He is currently the networks engineer at Koko Networks, a renewable energy company that deploys digital communication technologies to sell methane gas for cooking. He developed the final version of the Solar Drying App, giving it a standard amazon architecture, linking it to weather APIs and developing an adjustable backend. He is also in charge of hosting the company’s website and its IT resources. He brings in App development experience in renewable energy, which is in line with our product offering. 

Kevin Munje, Social Media Expert

Munje Kevin is a social media expert. He has worked with several companies locally and internationally to manage their social media pages. Kevin is also experienced in App development. He developed the first prototype of the Solar Drying App that we pitched at the Qing innovation competition. He brings in experience in social media marketing, which is important in the present environment, yet not adopted by many SMEs.  

Doreen Khatali, Content Developer 

Doreen Khatali is Food Scientist and Nutritionist with experience working for Moi Teaching and Referral hospital and Oasis Medical Clinic. She also offers pro-bono nutritional services for food projects in Kilifi like the Sajanal Feeding program. Doreen has documented all these activities on her website. She joins the team as a content contributor to help SMEs develop a content base for their websites and social media handles. 

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